Sports Reporter Name Calls & Wishes Injury on Kyler Murray For Choosing The NFL Over MLB (TWEETS)

This is unbelievable.

On Wednesday, sources within the Oakland Athletics organization expected Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray — the team’s first round pick in the 2018 MLB Draft and reigning Heisman Trophy winner — to enter the 2019 NFL Draft.

It was a decision that not many agreed with, given the chances of injury in the NFL and the amount of guaranteed money Murray could receive on a baseball contract as opposed to in the NFL where players rarely see every penny they sign for.

Whether you agree or disagree, it should never go beyond that, but that is exactly what happened when a sports reporter took it way too personal after he made that decision.

Athletics Nation reporter Jen Rainwater took to Twitter and not only name called Murray several times, but wished injury on him, all because he chose the NFL over MLB.

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