Steelers President Art Rooney II Releases Strong Statement Regarding Antonio Brown

(Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

Antonio Brown will likely be wearing a new uniform by the time the 2019 season begins.

The Pittsburgh Steelers have been embroiled in controversy ever since it was revealed that Antonio Brown wasn’t injured for their crucial Week 17 game, rather he was suspended for the game because of his behavior towards Ben Roethlisberger and missing practices.

On Wednesday, longtime NFL writer and analyst Peter King gave his thoughts on Brown’s immediate future during an interview on 93.7 The Fan.

“I’ve heard that Antonio Brown does not want to be traded and he wants to play in Pittsburgh and he wants to try to win a Super Bowl there,” King said.

Unfortunately for Brown, he won’t have a choice in the matter.

On Thursday, Steelers president Art Rooney II gave a statement that suggested that the team has had enough of his antics and they are listening to offers

“Whether the situation can be reconciled and have him back on the team next year, we’re a long way away from thinking that can happen. We’re not closing the door on anything at this point,” Rooney told the Post Gazeete.

Brown is scheduled to count $22,165,000 against the salary cap in 2019 and the team can’t do anything with him until March 5th and is due a $2.5 million roster bonus on the fifth day of the league year.

“That has to be taken into consideration, but, as I sit here today, “I’m not going to say that’s going to box us into anything,” Rooney said. “If we decide something has to be done, we’ll figure out how to deal with that.”

On top of everything that is going on, Rooney also revealed that Brown has refused to return repeated phone calls from him and coach Mike Tomlin.

It’s clear as day this relationship is going to end up one way and one way only, and that’s a complete separation. 

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