Stephen A. Smith Names His Top 5 Playoff QB’s and it’s an Absolute Joke (PIC + VIDEO)

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

Stephen A. Smith is very good at pissing people off, being one of the most animated sports personalities on television and radio.

On “First Take” Thursday, Stephen A. was a part of a segment where he ranked the top 5 quarterbacks that are still left in the NFL playoffs. That should be rather easy as to put on the top of the list, but Stephen A. went a different route.

His list was quite baffling considering Tom Brady was fifth, Dak Prescott was above Brady at four, and Andrew Luck was crowned the best of the remaining QB’s, while he left Nick Foles and MVP candidate Drew Brees off the list altogether.

As soon as he was done, Max Kellerman roasted him for not putting Brees on that list, but then Stephen A. made it even worse by stating he had completely forgotten about the Saints quarterback. He then roasted Nick Foles and gave even worse reason for not selecting him.

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