Cardi B Says Trump’s Wig Should’ve Been Punched For His Fast-Food Clemson Dinner (VIDEO)

On Monday of this week, the President of the United States formally invited the Clemson Tigers to join him in the White House for dinner, but because of the ongoing Government shutdown, Trump had to reach in his pockets and purchase food from Wendy’s, McDonald’s, and Burger King.

The players seemed to love it, but many on social media blasted the President for his actions. The Controversial rapper took to Instagram live and revealed she would have had quite a reaction if she’d visited the White House and been served fast food by the president of the United States.

“If you gonna fly out a team that bust they a** practicing – you gonna fly them out to give them some cold motherf** french fries, that is disrespectful, and that’s like spitting in a n*’s face,” declared Cardi B in a curse-filled live video to her social media followers.

She continued, “Like I swear to God, if I was there, I would have punched the motherf** — I would have motherf** punched the wig out of Trump, bro.”

Well, damn. Tell the people how you really feel.