Mike Tyson Gifts Joe Rogan A Special Box Full of Weed From His Ranch (VIDEO)

If you’re not up on game about Joe Rogan’s podcast, just know it’s one of the best that’s been going on for years. Even Kanye West has expressed his desire to get put on.

On Thursday, the MMA-commentator and former Fear Factor host did a podcast with a legend in the boxing and pop culture world: Mike Tyson.

“Oh, shit! @miketyson was here! That was amazing and pretty fucking surreal. I think if people listen they’ll get a much better understanding of what this man went through and how he became who he was, and how he wants nothing to do with that life any more. It was a truly fascinating conversation. Mike is a very friendly and easy going guy now.,” Rogan said via Instagram.

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I can check “smoke weed with Mike Tyson and do an epic podcast” off my bucket list!

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Here’s that entire podcast.

The best part of his interview for Rogan was when Tyson gifted him this special box. Inside that box was nothing but weed inside from his weed ranch.

The 52-year-old is set to star in a new TV show based on his life as a marijuana grower called “Rolling With the Punches,” which is being filmed at his 40-acre Tyson Ranch in El Segundo, California where he grows reams of premium marijuana, Page Six reports.

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