Why Both Of The NFL Conference Championships Were RIGGED

Well, that was fun..and awful.

The two Conference Championship games did not lack drama or excitement. Both went down to the wire. Both ended in overtime. But oh, both also ended with terrible officiating and controversy, to the point where we can’t help but wonder if there was some rigging involved.

The Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots are set to meet in Super Bowl 53. Meanwhile, the Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints are left wondering why their promising seasons ended with such awful calls, when they looked poised to play in the Super Bowl.

We did a little investigating and dug up some info and came to the theory that maybe the NFL was planning a Rams-Patriots Super Bowl all along. It’s easy to roll your eyes and dismiss it, but it’s hard to ignore all of the evidence.

Today we present Why Both Of The NFL Conference Championships Were RIGGED.

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