Ronda Rousey Rumored To Leave WWE After Wrestlemania 35

(Photo by Bryan Steffy/Getty Images for WWE)

It seriously feels like Ronda Rousey just started her WWE career, and now it may already be over.

Rumors are swirling that the Raw Women’s Champion will soon be stepping away from professional wrestling, not because she can’t take the grind of it, but because she wants to start a family.

According to Meltzer, the working idea is that Rousey will be finishing up at WrestleMania 35 in April. He added on Wrestling Observer Radio that her departure is imminent and everyone in the company is working with the mindset that she’s finishing up within the next couple of months.

Rousey joined WWE last year, appearing at the end of the Royal Rumble PPV. Her first major match was a tag match with Kurt Angle against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at WrestleMania 34 last April. Even before her debut, Rousey said that she wanted to start having children soon.

Meltzer noted that there is also the case that Rousey ends her WWE run at the PPV after WrestleMania, which would be Backlash in May.

The former UFC Women’s Bantanweight Champion won the Raw Women’s championship at SummerSlam in August by defeating Alexa Bliss and she has held the title ever since.

I doubt the WWE would just let her go with the contract that she signed, she might make appearances here and there in-between kids in the futre before making a full return, iff she chooses to do so.

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