Watch the Medical Marijuana Commercial CBS Refuses To Air During Super Bowl (VIDEO)

When watching the Super Bowl, millions of viewers are not only enthralled with watching the big game, but also the funny and/or informative commercials that are debuting for the first time.

The cannabis company Acreage Holdings wanted to be one of those informative commercials on Super Bowl Sunday, but CBS wanted nothing to do with medical marijuana.

“It’s a public service announcement really more than it is an advertisement,” said Harris Damashek, Acreage’s chief marketing officer. “We’re not marketing any of our products or retail in this spot.”

Now, we’re getting a look at that commercial where CBS turned down the $5 million for the medical marijuana company to have a spot.

Such a weird stance for CBS to take, especially when they’ll definitely run a bunch of beer and alcohol ads as well as prescription drugs that have worse side effects than what the consumer is trying to fix.