Old Footage Shows Brock Lesnar Throwing Universal Title At Vince McMahon Backstage (VIDEO)

Wrestling is fake. We know this, you know this, they know this. There are occasional times where everything isn’t part of a script and there’s some real drama going on behind the scenes.

This real-life moment actually happened last year during Wrestlemania 34 when a brief altercation between Brock Lesnar and Vince McMahon was caught on camera.

On the latest episode of WWE 24, Lesnar had just finished with the main event, when he made his way backstage looking extremely upset. Upon seeing Vince McMahon, he purposely threw the Universal Title at the owner and CEO, who replied yelling, “HEY ASSH*LE!”

Clearly, the two have since gotten over the moment as Lesnar would go on to re-sign with WWE shortly after the incident.