Former Mets Minor Leaguer On The Run After Brutally Beating His GF (WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTO)


Former Mets prospect Christian Montgomery is set for an afterlife of rotting in hell after photos emerged of the shocking state he left his girlfriend in following an altercation outside Brothers in Indianapolis.

The domestic violence incident was said to have taken place last Friday outside the bar. After leaving his girlfriend’s face bloodied and bruised, Montgomery is said to have taken off, yet to be seen again.

Maddy’s friend posted photos that illustrate just how brutal the beating was. They’re hard to look at, so this is the part where we warn you about the graphic nature of the images.





Montgomery was drafted by the Mets in the 11th round in 2011. According to ThatMetsChick, he served two separate suspensions in the minors for ‘abuse of a drug.” He was eventually released by the Mets in 2017.

No word yet on whether Montgomery has been found and taken into custody, but if he’s still out there, let’s get his scumbag ass behind bars ASAP. There’s no room in society for people like this.

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