VIDEO: Jason McCourty Was Almost 20 Yards Away From Brandin Cooks When Jared Goff Threw Potential Go-Ahead TD

(Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

One play is all it can take to change the landscape of an entire game.

That’s what happened during Super Bowl LIII when the Los Angeles Rams got the New England Patriots to make a defensive mistake Brandin Cooks ran a post and ended up all by himself headed for the end zone as Jared Goff released a pass to him.

Unfortunately, Jason McCourty would sprint over just in the nick of time and separate the ball from Cooks.

Here was the play:

Unbelievable play, but it became epic when you see the play from overhead and see that McCourty covered almost 20 yards from the time Goff released that pass to get over in time to break that play up.