Strippers Revealed HUGE Sum of Money Made During Super Bowl Week (VIDS + PICS)

Super Bowl Weekend is not just for fans to show up to the host city and watch the game, it’s also about taking in all the festivities around town and possibly rubbing elbows with rich and famous people.

Having the Super Bowl in Atlanta was just different since it’s highly regarded as Stripper capital. Hundreds, if not thousands of strippers flew down to ATL to make sure that secured a nice pay day, but the city of Atlanta was ill-equipped to deal with the overflow of dancers to the point that they actually ran out of ink at one point to hand out permits.

Despite that, strippers won during Super Bowl week when hundreds of them descended upon Quality Control’s Pierre “Pee” Thomas “Stripper Bowl” that brought out a who’s who of celebrities that were waiting and willing to throw large sums of cash

Check it out:

One stripper claimed that the club brought in $3 million on this night and each girl took home $125K.

While nice, it seems the young lady exaggerated a lot and it turned out to be $200K that was brought in.

Even legendary rapper Lil Boosie couldn’t believe how much money was being thrown:

“I just left the Stripper Bowl. QC. And I just seen a n***a throw — I just QC Pee, that n***a Pee threw $200K, n***a. That don’t count what his artists threw but I seen one n***a throw up $200K. I was right there,” he said. “Real talk mane, fuck me up. I ain’t never seen no shit. I might’ve missed that Meech shit but I ain’t miss this shit.”

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