Athlete With Cerebral Palsy Deadlifting DOUBLE His Body Weight Is Easily The Most Impressive Feat Of 2019 (VIDEO)

Meet Miles Taylor, the young man who is actively working to take the “dis” out of “disability.”

Miles has been working hard to “spread awareness for those with disabilities and let everyone know a disability does not define you and it is not a label.” His latest feat of strength definitely goes a long way towards spreading that message.

Teaming up with his coach, @uncle.nic, Miles recently stepped up to the bar and deadlifted an incredible 200-pounds, which is twice his body weight!

Cerebral Palsy or not, a 99-pound individual deadlifting 200 pounds is no easy feat, but don’t tell that to Miles. He made it look like a piece of cake!

The bio on his Instagram page, @smiles_taylor, reads, “I have CP, CP doesn’t have me!” I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Keep owning it, Smiles!

For more on Miles and his efforts, visit his webpage here.