Mayweather Stands In Pile of Money Wearing Gold Rob With A Pimp Cup To Flaunt His Wealth (VIDEO)

(Photo by Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images)

Floyd Mayweather is a man who loves to flaunt his wealth pretty much everyday of his life. Just in case he feels like people don’t know how insanely rich he is, just give it a few hours, he’ll post a video showing you just how much money he has.

The 41-year-old decided to flaunt his wealth once again this week, when he was recorded standing in a huge pile of money, while wearing an all-gold robe, holding a pimp cup, while having on every piece of chain and bracelet he likely owned.

He posted: “Real Royalty. Everything I got on is real, even the cup I’m sipping out of is real gold and if you don’t like it… you’re a REAL HATER! Now that’s some real s**t.”

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