Antonio Brown Faults Mike Tomlin For Telling Steelers He Quit On Them

(Photo by Joe Sargent/Getty Images)

There is nothing about the Antonio Brown-Steelers drama that is going to get better until there is a complete separation between the two parties.

During a question and answer session on his Twitter account this week, the Steelers WR had a laundry list of issues with the team that appears to include a problem with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger’s leadership style and how head coach Mike Tomlin treated the Pro Bowl wide receiver during the regular-season finale against Cincinnati.

Asked by a Twitter user about the root of his conflict with Roethlisberger, Brown responded “No conflict just a matter of respect! Mutual respect! He has a owner mentality like he can call out anybody including coaches. Players know but they can’t say anything about it otherwise they meal ticket gone. It’s a dirty game within a game. #truth.”

Brown also called out Tomlin for the way he handled him during the final week of the season.

“After the coach tell the team I quit while nursing some bumps then invite me to watch the show with same guys thinking I quit,” Brown tweeted. “I can not stand with that! I’m the bad guy doe (sic) we miss post season think about it.”

When asked if there was any chance of a reconciliation, Brown said, “Loves Steelers Nation everything to my heart” but said “no more.” 

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