MMA Fighter Michel Pereira Dazzles The Crowd With Moonsaults Off Cage During Match (VIDEO)

This might be the most spectacular thing I have ever seen inside an Octagon.

In his first bout in 2019, Michel Pereira just put himself in the eyes of brand new fans who had never heard of him after he dazzled the crowd at road FC 52.

On Saturday in Seoul, South Korea, Pereira knocked his opponent Dae Sung Kim to the mat with a spinning kick and then after attempting some sort of Superman punch off of the cage, he used the cage to do an impressive moonsault. He did that more than once during this match.

The 25-year-old has already compiled a 22-9 record competing in various promotions around the world. 

Just on excitement and replay value alone, this man needs to be signed to the UFC.

Here’s a previous match from 2018:

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