Charlotte Flair Takes MASSIVE Shot At Ronda Rousey On Twitter (TWEET)

In case you missed it, Ronda Rousey recently went scorched-earth on the WWE, committing the number one no-no for wrestlers when she it “fake” and “scripted” while claiming “pro wrestling b*tches can’t touch me” in her latest edition of “Ronda on the Road.”

You can check out the exact quote at 11:17 of the video below. She also has a lot of other nasty thing to say about the WWE (and Los Angeles sports fans) throughout the episode, in case you have 11 minutes to spare:

Well, it appears as though there’s at least one pro wrestler who seems interested in taking Rousey up on her offer.

According to this latest Tweet from Charlotte Flair, she’s not the slightest bit afraid of Rousey. And she made her feelings known in the most savage way possible:

It might be time for me to start watching professional wrestling again.

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