Jeff Van Gundy Floats Idea That Lakers Should Explore Trading LeBron James (VIDEO)

The Los Angeles Lakers were not on the path to building a viable contender, let alone a playoff team, but somehow they might be able to do it without the services of LeBron James. At least, that’s what Jeff Van Gundy thinks.

ESPN analyst Jeff Van Gundy actually floated the idea over the weekend during Los Angeles’ latest loss, its fifth straight, this one at home to Boston, 120-107.

The former Knicks coach believes the Lakers have to at least consider cashing in the best player in basketball instead of wasting him.

“I think in the offseason, they need to rebuild this roster, right?” Van Gundy said. “And to me, it could be a trade for an Anthony Davis, or I think they need to explore trading LeBron for getting as much as they can.”

Mark Jackson asked, “What are you doing, seriously?”

“You got to get on the right timeline,” Van Gundy said. “I’m going to say, if I could trade him for the Clippers into cap space, which would give me a better chance to get [Kevin] Durant or Kawhi Leonard, would I not do that? … You got to put everything on the table.”

Despite LeBron not having a no-trade clause, there is no viable reason the Lakers should part ways with the best player in the league off one failed season.

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