Dennis Rodman Wants NBA Players To “Stop Wearing Tampons” (VIDEO)

One thing you will always hear from former basketball players as well as older basketball fans is how soft the National Basketball Association is today as compared to what it was back in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s.

Dennis Rodman is one of those former players who would love for today’s stars to toughen up.

On Wednesday, TMZ Sports caught up with the former Chicago Bulls and Detroit Pistons legend as he was headed into Jennifer Cohen’s “Habits & Hustle Podcast” while he was rocking a “Make Basketball Tough Again” cap.

He was asked about the cap and he stated, “all these guys should quit wearing tampons.”

Rodman didn’t get specific about his gripe with the league, but you can pretty much guess as to why he would say something like that.

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