Photos Of Robert Kraft’s Red-Headed Masseuse REVEALED (PICS)

When it was announced that Robert Kraft had been charged in connection with a prostitution sting in Jupiter, Florida, everyone had their question. One of the biggest mysteries was exactly who these women who had been providing Mr. Kraft with sexual favors were? What were their names? What did they look like?

Well, it appears as though he have an answer, as one of the masseuses who had performed a sex act on Kraft was finally revealed. And we have a photo to accompany her name.

According to Daily Mail, the woman is Shen Mingbi. She is 58-years-old, has red hair, and was one of the two women who had pleasured Robert Kraft during his visit to the Orchids Of Asia Day Spa on the day of the Patriots’ AFC Championship Game vs. the Chiefs.

Mingbi has not yet been arrested or charged in the sting. According to police paperwork, she is listed as 5-feet with brown eyes, and she claims to have been licensed to work as a masseuse since June 2017.