Lonzo Ball Hints That He’s Leaving Big Baller Brand For NIKE (PIC)

(Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

Lonzo Ball might be growing up right before out eyes.

The Los Angeles Lakers point guard has had a rough two years in the league due to mounting injuries, most notably 3 separate ankle injuries thast have cost him 65 games already.

On top of that, Ball just recently announced he had to part ways with family friend and Big Baller Brand co-founder Alan Foster due to alleged criminal activity and $1.5 million being unaccounted for from Ball’s business and personal accounts.

Even the Lakers had to question him about Big Baller Brand shoes due to the amount of injuries he’s suffered in such a short amount of time.

“Yeah, they talked to me,” he said. “They asked me about it, and I told ’em, ‘I feel comfortable. If I wasn’t comfortable, I wouldn’t play in ’em. If I didn’t play in [his signature BBB shoes], I’d play in Kobe [Bryant’s signature Nike shoe]. I work out in [LeBron James’ signature Nike shoe], but that’s because they’re heavier.”

On Saturday, Ball took to Instagram and posted an image with the caption “Moving on to bigger and better, #Myownman” which had people thinking he was set to leave BBB and sign with Nike.

The profile photo for his account has also been changed to one of him as a young child wearing a white Nike T-shirt.

Even LeBron ‘liked’ the post: