NFL Head Coaches Annual Photo Shows An Extreme Lack of Diversity (PIC)

(Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images)

On Monday, the National Football League held their annual photo-shoot for all 32 head coaches in the league.

On this day, every single team was represented aside from Pete Carroll, Sean McVay, Sean Payton, Bruce Arians, Mike Tomlin and Adam Gase who seemed to have something else planned to where they couldn’t show up.

But, even with the missing coaches in the below photo, you can tell that the league is not very diverse when it comes to head coaches in a league that is clearly dominated by African American players.

The league has the Rooney Rule, which require every team to interview minority candidates for every available head coaching job, but as you can see, it clearly isn’t working.

However, the future seems bright with the likes of young black assistant coaches who are making names for themselves. That list includes guys like Kris Richard, Eric Bieniemy and Teryl Austin.

Until that happens, this is it…