Hockey Player Accidentally Punches Ref Several Times & Knocks Him Out (VIDEO)

Hockey fights can be quite vicious in nature, but this one went to another level.

During a game in the Quebec semi-professional league, an incident between two players ended with a referee catching several fists to the face.

It was a playoff game between the Cool FM St-Georges and Eperviers Sorel-Tracy over the weekend when Hubert Poulin (Cool FM St-Georges) and David Lacroix (Eperviers Sorel-Tracy) decided they wanted to bash each others face in.

Lacroix got the best of Poulin, which caused his rival to lose his balance. Poulin fell down onto the ice but showed no signs of giving up on the fight, so when he stood back up, he accidentally grabbed a ref thinking it was the other player and laid down two vicious shots that put that ref on the ice.

Anybody watching the video can see Poulin didn’t do it on purpose, but he’ll still face repercussions from his actions.