Angels’ Player Gets Called Safe, Walks Away & Tagged Out During Wacky Play By Cubs (VIDEO)

This is the weirdest play ever.

Los Angeles Angels first baseman Justin Bour definitely won’t have this play on his highlight reel.

Bour was batting in the top of the first when he smacked a single to right field. He took a huge turn that forced him to run back to first base before he got thrown out. Instead, the ball hit his foot and went towards the dugout.

That’s when things gor crazy.

Bour ran towards second and slid before he got tagged. The ump called him safe, but Bour walked away towards the dugout as he thought he was out.

He was eventually tagged out. Watching that play again, it was obvious that he should’ve been called out from the beginning as the ump clearly missed it. The replay definitely would’ve caught it.

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