Andrei Svechnikov’s Brother Appears To Threaten Harm To Alex Ovechkin For Beating Down His Brother (PIC)

Alex Ovechkin is using his fists to keep the Stanley Cup in the nation’s capital.

On Monday night, the 33-year-old future Hall of Famer got into with Hurricanes’ 19-year-old Andrei Svechnikov and it turned into violence as both players began to throw punches.

It didn’t last very long as Andrei ended up getting dropped with a right hand as he fell backwards with his head smacking the ice. He would need plenty of assistance gettin up.

Svechnikov’s brother didn’t appreciate the fight, so he would soon take to Instagram and seemingly throw a threat towards Ovechkin:

Evgeny Svechnikov is said to be a 22-year-old prospect of the Detroit Wings, so the likelihood that he would risk everything for revenge is highly unlikely.