Someone Is Already Cutting Johnny Manziel’s Grass By Sending Bre Tiesi This Lovely Gift (VIDEO)

That didn’t take long.

When you’re as hot as Bre Tiesi, you likely have men lining up to be with you. So when Bre announced that she and Johnny Manziel were no longer together, you better believe that every dude out there was getting ready to shoot his shot.

One of those men did just that in the form of some really long stem roses, and they appeared to have worked.

Here’s a look at Bre showing off those roses in an Instagram Story:

We’re not sure if she genuinely loved the roses, or if she just wanted to send a little message to Manziel. Either way, it looks like Tiesi won’t have a hard time finding a man who can truly appreciate her.

If you’d like to appreciate Bre yourself, you can do so my checking out her pics below:

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