Amir Khan Got Booed For Quitting Title Fight vs. Terence Crawford; Claims He Was Peeing Blood (VIDEO)

This had to be the most confusing and disappointing ending to a title fight in recent memory.

Unbeaten welterweight champion Terence Crawford made his 2nd title defense on Saturday against Amir Khan when he accidentally seemed to hit his opponent in the groin with a jarring shot. After consulting with his corner, he stated he was in “too much” pain to continue.

The referee called off the fight and the crowd booed like crazy.

“I would never quit, I would rather get knocked out,” Khan stated after the fight.

“I have never been hit below the belt and was in pain. I want to apologize to the fans. The fight was just getting interesting.”

Khan would soon take to Twitter and claim that he was peeing blood because of that crotch shot:

I guess the placement of Khan’s genitals seem to differ from every other man on the planet.