Ayesha Curry Admits It Bothers Her That She Gets No Attention From Other Men (VIDEO)

Stephen Curry is one of the biggest and most popular athletes in the entire NBA as well as the country. So naturally, he is going to get a lot of attention from fans — especially women.

His wife, Ayesha Curry, knows what comes with this lifestyle, but that doesn’t mean she always likes it.

During her Red Table Talk interview with Jada Pinkett Smith, Curry talked about the time a female fan tried to get a photo of her breastfeeding her and Steph’s oldest child, Riley, when she was a newborn.

“This group of people come over and they’re trying to ask Stephen for pictures and autographs. The woman opens the car door, sticks her body in the car and is like, ‘Oh, let me see…’”

One of the women then replied:

“Oh, honey, you know what you signed up for.”

Ayesha said of the encounter:

“Stuck with me for a long time. Because, no, I didn’t, and I do think I deserve some type of personal space.”

During that same episode, Ayesha states how she always politely checks other women who get too close to Steph, but she notices that she rarely, if ever, gets that same type of attention from men.

“Something that really bothers me and has given me a sense of an insecurity…Yeah, there are all these women throwing themselves. But me, I don’t have any of that. I have zero male attention. And I begin to internalize that, like ‘Is something wrong with me?’ I’m like, ‘That’s not fair.’ I don’t want it. But it would be nice to know that someone’s looking.”