Browns GM John Dorsey Hilariously Prank Called Fellow GMs During 2019 NFL Draft (VIDEO)

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)

You can only wonder what type of stress goes on in a NFL Draft war room as the powers to be try and figure out what player they want to select to come in deliver for their franchise.

The Cleveland Browns didn’t have to worry about that stress in the first round because they had 0 picks, which left them with a bunch of time on their hands, especially for John Dorsey.

The Cleveland Browns general manager has apparently become known as a prankster who will call fellow GM’s just to mess with them as they get set to choose a player.

The Arizona Cardinals kicked off the picking, but they didn’t select Kyler Murray No. 1 before receiving a very unimportant phone call from Dorsey.

“I’m sure he was calling to (explicit) with me,” said GM Steve Keim after missing a phone call from Cleveland.

“You told me to go dark, was I dark enough?” Keim said to Dorsey when he called the Browns GM back. “You joking? You trying to reach me at a fragile moment? Holler at me if anything comes up.”

Dorsey also called Indianapolis Colts’ general manager Chris Ballard who knew what was coming:

“I’m working,” Ballard said while on the clock, slamming the phone down and laughing about hanging up on Dorsey.

“John’s like a brother,” the Colts GM explained in a post-draft interview. “Every year during draft day, when we get on the pick I always get this call from Dorsey. I always know if it’s on the pick that … he’s joking and trying to get me riled up in the middle of making a decision.”