Here’s An Insane Story About How Badly Donald Trump Cheats At Golf

(Photo by Leon Neal/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump loves to play Golf… a lot….pretty much all the time. It is reported that he has been on the grounds of his golf course or played golf elsewhere 187 times since taking office on January, 20, 2017.

Not only does he play a bunch, but he apparently cheats while doing so, according to a new story from

That brings us to this next crazy story of when Trump spotted Ted Virtue, a successful businessman who helped finance the Oscar-winning movie “Green Book,” playing a round with his son.

That’s when things got weird.

[Virtue] was playing with his kid, who I think is 10 or 11 years old. He [Trump] sees Ted on the 12th hole and decides to drive his cart over there. He tells Ted: Congrats on winning the club championship, but you didn’t really win it because I was out of town.

Ted tries to laugh it off, but Trump is dead serious. Trump says, “We’re going to play these last six holes for the championship.” And Ted’s like, “I’m playing with my son, but thanks anyway.” But Trump says, “No, your son can play too.” So they end up playing.

They get to a hole with a big pond on it. Both Ted and his son hit the ball on the green, and Trump hits his in the water. By the time they get to the hole, Trump is lining up the kid’s ball. Only now it’s his ball and the caddie has switched it. The kid’s like, “Daddy, that’s my ball.”

But Trump’s caddie goes, “No, this is the president’s ball; your ball went in the water.” Ted and his son look at each other confused, not sure if this is really happening. And Trump’s caddie says, “This is the president’s ball. I don’t know what to tell you.”

Trump makes that putt, wins one up, and declares himself the club champion.

The article would later be updated to show that the young kid was actually in his 20’s and not 10 or 11. Still, the cheating was just as nuts.