Olivia Culpo’s New Boyfriend DJ Zedd Takes A Shot At Danny Amendola (VIDEO)

Back in April, Danny Amendola completely lost his mind after he saw a video of his ex-girlfriend Olivia Culpo hanging out with DJ Zedd at Coachella.

He immediately took to Instagram and accused Culpo of being obsessed with social media and talked about their sex life: “Olivia chooses and wants to be noticed on the internet and in Hollywood to make money. Which was hard for me to understand but quickly had to learn,” he said in the since-deleted rant. “Whereas the cost of fame in this world doesn’t appeal to me. I play ball for one reason and that’s RESPECT.”

He added, “The universe brought her and I together to enjoy life, love, and learn. We celebrated that as often as we could. And the sex was f*cking crazy too.”

The Detroit Lions WR also recorded himself shirtless watching a movie where Bruce Willis’ character could be heard saying, “Zedd’s dead, baby. Zedd’s dead.”

He also added another comment: “Not sure what’s in the future but the only thing I care about is her HAPPINESS. And if that’s dancing with scrony [sic] little f—, so be it. I’m happy too. With that said! Liv! My beautiful ex-Gf! Carry on IG.”

Fast forward to May and Zedd has fired right back at Amendola by purposely saying, “Wow what a Sex” two times, which was a clear shot at Amendola bringing up their sex life as well as that clip in that video that he played.

Amendola has seemingly moved on after he was spotted recently with a hot blonde on a beach.

As far as his ex goes, Olivia Culpo was busy celebrating her birthday with rumored new love interest Zedd.