Ayesha Curry Fires Back At Haters Calling Her An Attention Seeker For Wanting Male Attention (PIC)

(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

For the second time in three years, Ayesha Curry is dealing with heavy social media backlash.

Unlike 2016 when she accused the league of cheating the Golden State Warriors during the series against the Cleveland Cavaliers, the clip of her talking on ‘Red Table talk’ has garnered nationwide attention because of her comments about wanting attention from other men due to the fact that Husband Steph Curry constantly gets it from other women.

For Mother’s Day, Ayesha posted a photo of herself and Steph that had the caption of:

“Our mamas gave us common sense and that’s not common. Thank you mamas we love you!”

An Instagram user then replied with, “Attention at its finest.”

That caused Ayesha to fire right back at the person and anybody else coming for her:

“This is exactly what I mean,” she replied. “Speaking without examining the true context the true context for yourself. Don’t read the headlines. Watch the show. Everyone’s gone crazy and my husband and I are over here sober as a gopher because I know what I said. Don’t need it, don’t want it. Just an observation. Willingness to speak on your thoughts unashamedly is being secure. Not the other way around. That part. Goooood day.”