Lakers Minority Owners Reportedly Are Disappointed In Jeanie Buss & Want Her OUT (VIDEO)

The Los Angeles Lakers front office could look very different come next season with the biggest name possibly on the outside looking in.

Jeanie Buss, the current controlling owner and president of the Los Angeles Lakers, has apparently made some very important people upset and they may be looking to get her out.

During an appearance on “The Dan Patrick Show” this week, Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times spoke about how some of the Lakers’ minority owners are growing angry with the way Buss is running the team.

That apparently includes AEG, which owns the Staples Center and 27% of the Lakers.

“There are a lot of rumblings from the AEGs in the world and some of the partners,” Plaschke said when asked about the possibility that Buss will be bought out. “I think they are going to wait until this summer.”

“Their business side is tremendous. It’s the best in town. It’s one of the best in all of pro sports. They signed the best TV deal in the history of pro sports,” Plaschke said. “They’re making a ton of money, but the thought here is one more year of this nonsense and it’s gonna start to really affect the brand and affect the partners and affect the season ticket holders.”

“Obviously, she’s never going to sell herself, but remember she took this team over in a coup. … So this team can be taken over in a coup,” Plaschke said when asked about the possibility that Buss will be bought out. “But I don’t see that happening until at least they see that what happens this summer and what happens next year. But, no. People are upset.”

The Lakers organization are no doubt embarrassed about landing the big fish in LeBron James and still failing to qualify for the postseason, something the team has failed to do for years now.

Not to mention, Magic Johnson was a big part in bringing in LeBron, but he abruptly quit on the team not long before a completely botched coaching search.