Stephen A. Smith Lost His Damn Mind In A Dark Room After Knicks Didn’t Get #1 Pick (VIDEO)

Tuesday was supposed to be the beginning of a great thing for the New York Knicks franchise, but all they got reminded of is they tanked the entire 2018-2019 season for absolutely nothing.

Aside from the millions of Knicks fans who likely had to throw away tons of apparel they had with Zion’s name on it, Stephen A. Smith almost had a heart attack when he heard the news.

Shortly after the Knicks got the #3 pick and the Pelicans got the 1st overall pick — the ESPN personality took to social media and posted a video of himself in a dark room losing his mind.

The Knicks are likely going to be taking Zion Williamson’s teammate in R.J. Barrett in the 2019 Draft.