Ayesha Curry Explains Why She Won’t Shut Up & Be A Regular NBA Wife Like Other Women

Ayesha Curry is back in a sharing mood once again as her husband, Stephen Curry, gets set to face the Portland Trail Blazers in the Western Conference Finals.

This time, Curry sat down with Working Mother and talked about a number of topics, one of which included her opening up about being overlooked or not being taken seriously, given her husband’s superstar career in the NBA.

“I think a lot of people do not take me seriously. They think this is something I’ve obtained because of my husband’s income. That’s not true. He hasn’t invested a dime in my restaurant business.”

Curry went on to condemn the male-dominated sports world for trying to dim her light.

“It’s this weird hierarchy of misogyny,” she said. “When my career was starting to take off, this male reporter bashed me on live television, saying I should be more like the other [basketball] players’ wives. He literally said, ‘They sit there, they don’t cause any problems, and they look pretty.’”

Back in 2016, Ayesha caused a wave of controversy when she took to Twitter and claimed refs were cheating the Warriors in the series against the Cavs, saying, the NBA was “absolutely rigged for money.” That caused Stephen A. Smith to go on First Take and call her out. During his remarks, he brought up LeBron James’ wife, Savannah, saying, “she’s wonderful inside and out. She sits there. She doesn’t bring any attention to herself. She never tweets and goes out there and calls out the league and stuff like that. And nobody, nobody is more scrutinized than her husband. But yet, she thinks about how she represents him, and as a result, she doesn’t do that.”

Ayesha did not appreciate being told to be quiet and fall in line like the others.

“Why am I not allowed to have a passion and a dream and a voice?” Curry said as she reflected on Smith’s remarks. “That started a fire in me. I could not be stopped, and I wanted to prove myself. Now the conversation has shifted. Stephen doesn’t get any negative questions about me. Especially in the Bay Area, people say to him, ‘I like her food a lot,’ and that’s been special for me.”

Don’t expect Ayesha to take a backseat anytime soon.