Baker Mayfield Finally Speaks Out About New Teammate Kareem Hunt (VIDEO)

During the 2018 season, the Kansas City Chiefs parted ways with Kareem Hunt after a video surfaced showing him shoving and kicking a girl in a Cleveland area hotel and Hunt lied about his involvement during the altercation when first asked about the situation months before.

On Wednesday, QB Baker Mayfield was asked about his new teammate and he went to bat for him as a man and a football player, calling Hunt a “great kid” and when it comes to his violent past, the QB says, “Mistakes happen,” according to TMZ Sports.

“Just being around him, I think he’s a great kid,” Baker said … “Ya know, mistakes happen. I can speak from personal experience.”

Here’s the full press conference from Baker:

As far as his own mistakes, Mayfield is referring to the 2017 incident where he was caught on camera trying to elude police officers and got tackled from behind.

Mayfield also spoke with some of Hunt’s high-profiled former teammates and they had nothing but good things to say about him.