Kenny Smith’s Ex-Wife Going After His “Inside The NBA” Money; Wants Child/Spousal Support

The divorce between Kenny Smith and “Price is Right” model Gwendolyn Osbourne has gotten extremely nasty in the background as Osbourne is doing whatever she can to receive the ridiculous amount of child support and spousal support she requires a month.

According to The Blast, Osbourne wants more than $45k a month for both and she seems to know exactly where to get it from.

Gwendolyn Osbourne is going after the money Kenny Smith makes from Turner Sports because she is owed money for both spousal and child support.

Osbourne wants to collect $16,562 a month for child support and another $28,898 a month for spousal support.

The order states that Turner Sports is to pay the money to the California State Disbursement Unit, which will then pay it on to her.

According to our sources, Gwendolyn wanted to handle this matter privately but she felt forced to take this action because she did not feel like she was being heard. We’re told she feels she is acting on behalf of all women who are not being heard.

Gwendolyn Osborne filed for divorce last October, citing irreconcilable differences for the split.

The pair were married for 12 years and had two children together.

Smith earned a little more than $13 million in salary during his time as an NBA player. He currently brings in $4 million per year for his work as a basketball analyst, according to Celebrity Net Worth.