REPORT: LeBron Actively Recruiting Kyrie, Kawhi, & Jimmy Butler To The Lakers

LeBron James is in full general manager mode.

For the first time in a long time, he has free time on his hands in late May as the Los Angeles Lakers failed to qualify for the postseason.

Because of that, LeBron has ample time to get his affairs in order, which apparently means contacting anybody he can to get them to Los Angeles and play alongside him.

According to a new report by Brian Windhorst of ESPN, there’s a chance that the Duo of LeBron James and Kyrie Irving could be together once again. Appearing on Stephen A. Smith’s radio show on Thursday, he revealed that Bron will indeed do his best to recruit him to the team.

“Six months ago, I would have told you the concept of Kyrie to the Lakers would have gotten me to hang up the phone on you,” Windhorst said. “Now from what I understand, the door is at least open. I wouldn’t say he’s stomping through it, I wouldn’t say that it’s likely, I wouldn’t say that that’s gonna be a thing we’re gonna see. I still think New York and Brooklyn are higher on his list. But I think Kyrie is considering the Lakers, and he’s had some conversations with some people.”

On top of that news, Brian Windhorst stated that LeBron James has already started recruiting Kawhi Leonard, who is widely rumored to be one-and-done with the Toronto Raptors.

He also noted that James has been in contact with Philadelphia 76ers star Jimmy Butler.

Leonard is currently on one heck of a playoff run and the Raptors will fight like hell to keep him up North. So far, there have been very little rumors as to what Jimmy Butler might do in free agency.

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