The Amount Of Money Klay Thompson Is Set To Lose After Not Making An All-NBA Team Is INSANE (VIDEO)

Earlier today, the NBA released their official All-NBA Teams for the 2018-19 season, and just like every year, there was controversy.

Perhaps the most notable snub this time around was Golden State Warriors guard Klay Thompson, who averaged 21.5 points per game this season while often being asked to guard the opposing team’s top player.

Klay heard the bad news while speaking with the media today. When asked what he thought about his omission, Klay said he’d rather win championships, but he also said he doesn’t believe there are 6 better guards in the NBA than himself:

No athlete likes to be snubbed for an honor they feel they deserve, but what makes this even worse for Thompson is the fact that this could cost him a ton of money when he hits the market this summer.

Had Klay made an All-NBA Team, he would have been eligible for a supermax contract from the Warriors, worth up to $221-million over five years. But because he wasn’t named to any of the three All-NBA teams, he can only max out at $190-million over five years.

That’s a loss of $31-million. So if Klay seems a little salty, that’s why. I feel sorry for whoever has to guard him in the NBA Finals.

Here’s a look at the three All-NBA Teams. Who do you think Klay should have made it over?

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