Colombian Soccer Player Found Dead On Side Of The Road After Going Missing

Incredibly sad story from the soccer world as 22-year-old female soccer player Leidy Asprilla was found dead on the side of the road in Colombia.

Asprilla, who has represented her country at the youth level, was reported missing by her family on Sunday. On Wednesday, he body was found on the side of a road that leads from El Cerrito to Rozo in the Valle del Cauca region of Colombia.

She was said to be picking up one of her Orsomarso SC teammates for a training session, but her family called police when she never arrived. Her motorcycle was found in a nearby ditch, and Asprilla was said to be still wearing her helmet and had a backpack of belongings on her.

According to Colombia newspaper El Espectador, there was some belief that the cause of death was a hit-and-run, however, the man who found Asprilla’s body believes otherwise.

Via Deadspin:

The man said that when he spotted Asprilla’s body off the road, he noticed that the motorcycle did not show any visible signs of being in a crash. “The truth is,” the man told El Tiempo, “that the motorcycle, as such, was in an almost perfect state. It had no effect on any of its parts or in the front of the bike’s drain. It had the mirrors on.”

The same man also told El Tiempo how dangerous the specific area where Asprilla’s body was found is: “I know the road, the road is very dangerous, people have been found dead due to robberies. I was even the victim of a theft, they even gagged me.”

No matter what the cause of death, someone is clearly responsible for this unnecessary loss of life. Hopefully the Colombian police find the responsible party (or parties) and serve them with an appropriate measure of justice.

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