Matador Gets Gored Right In His Butt By Angry Bull (VIDEO)

This is like the second worst thing that could happen to a bull fighter while trying to show off their skills.

French matador Juan Leal is counting his blessings that he’s alive today, but he is still in considerable pain after a bull gored him right in his ass during a show at Las Ventas bullring in Madrid over the weekend.

Via NY Post:

“Gruesome video captures the moment a bull gets revenge on a matador — thrusting a horn up his backside and leaving him with a 10-inch wound to his rectum that almost killed him.

French matador Juan Leal, 26, had been tormenting the beast with his red cape at the Las Ventas bullring in Madrid on Saturday when he suddenly got wrong-footed with the proud animal hot on his tail.

The crowd at the 12th day of the San Isidro bullfighting fair screamed in horror as the angry animal impaled Leal with his right horn — lifting the bullfighter at least a foot for a few seconds before he crashed to the ground in agony.

As two assistants raced to distract the bull, Leal leaped to his feet, grabbing his behind and hobbling away.”

Fortunately for him, and yes there is a fortunate part of this story, Leal’s life was actually saved by a placement of a bone in his body, as explained by his surgeon, Dr. Máximo García Leirado.

“I cannot explain how he could continue to fight and kill the bull, because a normal person, with such a wound, cannot walk,” the doctor told Mundotoro, adding that he expects him to make a full recovery.

Here’ the gruesome injury:

What’s even crazier is that he did not leave the ring and finished what he started.