Footage Released In Jim Boeheim’s Car Crash That Killed A Man (VIDEO)

Three months after Jim Boeheim was involved in a terrible accident that involved him striking and killing a man on an NY highway, TMZ Sports has now obtained footage of that night.

It all started with the 74-year-old returning home from dinner on Feb. 20 at around 11 p.m.

Via TMZ:

“…he says he “observed a vehicle sitting in the roadway” on Route 690 in the City of Syracuse.

When Boeheim swerved to avoid the car … he hit a pedestrian named Jorge Jiminez in the road — killing him.

When police arrived on the scene … they’re shocked to find it was the legendary basketball coach behind the wheel — with one cop saying, “It’s f*cking Jim Boeheim!”

As the police learn more about the accident and what went down … you can tell they feel sorry for the coach, ’cause one officer says, “That’s fucking awful; he’s shook up isn’t he?”

“Dude, that sucks, though,” one cop says … “Like, you’re not doing anything wrong and you just go kill somebody?”

Investigators would later determine that Boeheim was going 11 MPH over the 55 MPH speed limit, but they classified the terrible incident as a “tragic accident” and declined to file charges.