Baker Mayfield Boldly Claims He Can Out-Chug Aaron Rodgers & Christian Yelich

(Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images)

Aaron Rodgers has found himself being blasted for his lack of chugging skills.

The Chicago Bears were the latest to basically call the Green Bay Packers quarterback out by taking to a White Sox game and chugging beers with ease.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is now making bold claims as well.

On Saturday, Mayfield told reporters he could out-chug both Aaron Rodgers and and Christian Yelich.

Here’s Aaron Rodgers at the Milwaukee Bucks playoff game struggling to chug a beer:

Yelich, on the other hand, was a pro at chugging and chugged his beer down like it was nothing.

The only way Rodgers can get past this is to record himself chugging a beer, otherwise, he’s going to hear about this forever.