Champions League Streaker Kinsey Wolanski Answers Questions About Sex Life With YouTuber “Vitaly Uncensored” (VIDEO)

By now you’ve probably seen the photos of Instagram model Kinsey Wolanski streaking across the pitch during Saturday’s UEFA Champions League Final. She’s become an overnight sensation ever since the world saw her sprinting in a skimpy one-piece with the words “Vitaly Uncensored” written across her chest.

But what exactly is Vitaly Uncensored? It’s actually a very popular YouTube page that is hosted by Kinsey’s boyfriend, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy.

Those who are familiar with Vitaly Uncensored probably recognized Kinsey when she made her unexpected appearance in Madrid on Saturday. That’s because she’s been featured in several of Vitaly’s videos. Many of them are quite sexy, but our favorite has to be the one during which Kinsey answers several questions about her sex life.

If you’d like to know whether she’s ever had sex in a plane or how many times she’s cheated on Vitaly, you can find out in the video below. (We set it to the 13:38 mark, when the Q&A begins.):