Texas Longhorns Got ROASTED To All Hell For Bragging About 2.89 GPA Being Highest in Team History (TWEETS)

(Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Clearly, somebody didn’t inform the Texas Longhorns about how unimpressive a 2.89 GPA is in college.

On Sunday, the Texas Longhorns official Twitter account dropped a photo on Twitter that bragged about the team’s 2.89 GPA and wrote, “More than football. Highest semester GPA in team history.”

If you don’t know, that is a GPA that is below a B and it should not be celebrated. The fact that 2.89 is the highest in team history is even worse and leads you to believe it’s probably been around 2.00 or lower for years.

Social media made sure to let them know that this news never should of been sent out: