Baltimore Mayor Proposes Public Boxing Rings To Settle Street Beefs (VIDEO)

This feels like something straight out of ‘The Wire.’

While speaking at a rally against gun violence over the weekend, Baltimore mayor Jack Young proposed the idea of installing a public boxing ring where people could settle their differences as a way to end gun violence on the streets.

“You know gun violence is something that has been plaguing this city for 10 years,” Young said during a rally against gun violence on Sunday afternoon, “and you know the murder rate in this city and non-fatal shooting rate in this city has increased. I’m not happy with it and neither should the citizens of Baltimore.”

“There’s mediation. You know if they really want to settle them, we can have them down at the civic center — put a boxing ring up and let ’em go a box it out.”

“The best man win and the beef should be over,” he added. “Those are some of the things I’ve been thinking about — hoping we can get these people to put these guns down.”

Young united with local churches for the Baltimore United Rally Against Gun Violence just shortly after four people in Baltimore were shot on Saturday.