Zab Judah Hospitalized With Bleeding On His Brain After TKO; Update On His Condition (VIDEO)

Zab Judah was one of the most celebrated amateur boxers to come out of New York during his prime, hvaing an impressive 110-5 record before turning pro.

Now the 41-year-old refuses to retire and continues to box well past his prime and it almost took his life because of it. The former two-division champ remains in the hospital today after suffering head injuries in a one-sided bout to Cletus Seldin in their regional title fight on Friday.

“Judah, who shipped over 300 head punches in losing to Cletus Seldin in eleven, was originally said to be in a critical condition.

It’s since been revealed Judah may in fact not be a serious as first thought.

A post retweeted by ESPN’s Steve Kim from @suziec611 has shed new light on the situation of Judah.

“Just confirmed Zab Judah from family he is not in a coma but he is in the hospital. He is in good spirits. Zab was not feeling well after his fight and decided to take the extra step of precautions to make sure he physically okay.”

Moretti spoke to Judah’s mother and gave information to reports Kevin Iole and Kim.

“Zab was never in an induced coma. He had bleeding on the brain but did CAT scan today and swelling went down a little. He is eating, walking and talking.”

Here are the full highlights: