Here’s Why Shannon Sharpe Might Bolt From Fox Sports & Skip Bayless After This Summer

If you ask anybody about Fox Sports’ ‘Undisputed,’ they will tell you that Shannon Sharpe most definitely makes this show hilarious and watchable. It’s almost crazy to think what it would be like without him.

Well, that might become true this summer if Sharpe and Fox Sports can’t agree on a contract.

Front Office Report has all the details.

Sharpe’s current contract with Fox expires in July. Both sides are keen on striking a new deal, according to sources.

However, a deal isn’t done — and there’s no guarantee the three-time Super Bowl winner will stay with Fox Sports and continue sitting across the debate desk from Bayless on their weekday FS1 morning show.

One sticking point in the Sharpe negotiations could be salary. Bayless is believed to make more than twice as much as Sharpe, say sources. According to Richard Deitsch of The Athletic, Fox agreed to pay Bayless $5.5 million annually over four years to lure him from ESPN in 2016, plus a $4 million signing bonus.

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