Footage Shows Classless Raptors Fans In Jurassic Park Cheering, Waving Bye After Durant Injury (VIDEO)

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse for Raptors fans, footage shows just how bad they were when Kevin Durant got hurt.

While watching the game, millions of fans across the country could hear and see Toronto Raptors fans explode in applause as Kevin Durant went down with an injury. Their tune would soon change when their own players urged them to pipe down and soon chants of “KD, KD” would break out.

Nice recovery, but it was even worse outside the arena.

Footage outside in Jurassic park showed thousands of fans going crazy and waving bye as Durant got hurt in Game 5. You can literally hear them cheer, quiet down, and then start cheering again as they realize how hurt he was.

This is beyond cool. Karma always comes back to haunt you and that’s exactly what happened when the Warriors came back to win the game and force a Game 6.