Madden ’20 Will Feature Awesome ‘Philly Special’ Play From Super Bowl (VIDEO)

You remember the play. The Philadelphia Eagles completely fooled the New England Patriots when Nick Foles had the ball directly snapped to running back Clement, who then pitched the ball to Burton, who passed the ball to a wide open Foles to score a touchdown.

With the score, Foles thereby became the first player in Super Bowl history to both throw and catch a touchdown.

That play was already going down in history, even with him not being on the current roster anymore. Now, it will forever be remembered in the gaming world as Anthony White of EA Sports confirmed that the Eagles famous play, the ‘Philly Special’ or ‘Philly Philly’ would be added to the Madden 20 playbook.

…and here it is.

The play helped the Eagles defeat the New England Patriots, 41–33, and help secure their first Super Bowl victory in franchise history.